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Week 9 Top 3 Fantasy Quarterbacks

top fantasy quarterbacks week 9

NFL Week 9 Top 3 Fantasy Quarterbacks

The NFL is in full force and we are now officially halfway through the entire season!  

There are currently 12 QBs that already boast over 2,000 passing yards for the season and the Top 5 are only separated by 116 yards.  This means that the field is tight and there are no easy picks,  especially when considering a weekly fantasy game. 

  1. Jared Goff – 2,367 Yards 11 TD 7 INT
  2. Aaron Rodgers – 2,324 Yards 16 TD 2 INT
  3. Phillip Rivers – 2,315 Yards 12 TD 7 INT
  4. Andy Dalton – 2,252 Yards 9 TD 8 INT
  5. Tom Brady – 2,251 Yards 13 TD 4 INT

Luckily,  BWELLS is here to save the day,  and your parlay! 

My first pick of the week is Russell Wilson.  I think he is a go to choice for week 9.  Not only is he a consistent fantasy QB,  but he is also playing against the Tampa Bay Bucaneers who have the 2nd to worst passing defense in the league.  Since Tampa still has a high powered offense,  when Winston isn’t throwing the ball away,  Wilson may land in the perfect fantasy scenario where he is having a great day but the other team is keeping up.  I think this is a solid possibility and that is why Russell Wilson ranks #1 in my Top 3 QBs! 

My second pick for week 9 is Dak Prescott.  Not only is Dak in the middle of contract negotiations right now,  but he is also facing the New York Giants in a Primetime Monday Night Football game.  This is his time to shine,  and it shouldn’t be too difficult against a team ranked 25th in overall passing defense.  I see the Cowboys taking control in the next couple of weeks,  and I think their offense will shine against New York. 

My 3rd and final pick for week 9 is Derek Carr.  Not only has he improved his fantasy production for the past 4 weeks in a row,  but he is also playing against the Detroit Lions who have allowed the most passing yards in the entire league this year.  I think he will have an opportunity to continue his uptrend because Oakland also has a pretty horrid pass defense,  and I think that Stafford will be able to put up some points and require that Carr do the same. 

Thats all for my week 9 Fantasy QBs.  Until next time! 

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