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NHL Free Picks November 9th 2019

nhl free picks november 9th 2019

There was only two games on last night. We went 1-0 on the money pick, with the new york rangers -1.5 against the Detroit Red Wings. In the later game, the Blues were just too much for the oilers even though they went up 1-0 early in the game. The Blues are looking to be picking up some heat.

NHL Free Picks For November 7th, 2019

The Schedule is full for tonight, we have 11 games. There should be plenty of action to make some picks on.

Florida Panthers Logo


Florida Panthers


New York Islanders

New York Islanders


Florida Panthers Game Analysis New York Islanders
3.1 Projected Score 3.2
7-8 Record Against Spread 11-4
10-4 Over/Under Record 6-8
-0.07 Goal Differential 0.87


The Panthers can envision how things would look with somewhat changed results at this early point in the season. They get themselves fourth in the Atlantic Division regardless of an association driving five extra time misfortunes. Florida endured one of those misfortunes on Thursday night against Washington. The Panthers have played a lot of energizing matches, with a Top 5 gathering positioning in objectives scored and permitted, with 56 each.

The Islanders have been the discussion of the youthful season, with a 10-game series of wins that was snapped on Thursday against Pittsburgh. New York is spot on the impact points of Washington in the Metropolitan Division, with only four less focuses in spite of playing two less games. The Islanders are beat in protection and goalkeeping, with the NHL’s best sign of only 34 objectives permitted.

PICK:   New York Islanders  (-115)

Final Thoughts: The Islanders are still one of the best team in the NHL, take them at home.

Philadelphia Flyers Logo


Philadelphia Flyers


Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto Maple leafs


Philadelphia Flyers Game Analysis Toronto Maple Leafs
2.7 Projected Score 3.8
8-7 Record 9-8
8-7 Over Under Record 10-6
0.13 Goal Differential 0.24


The Flyers have been one of those groups that has been reliably great in certain games, yet the following games the Flyers can’t discover their way to the net. That would help clarify the 8-5-2 record on the year for the Flyers. The last game for the Flyers was a 3-2 win over the Montreal Canadiens.

With the Maple Leafs the group has been shockingly great on the year and sits in runner up in the Atlantic. The Maple Leafs have figured out how to post a 9-5-3 record on the year and in the last game the Maple Leafs had the option to bring home a success in a low scoring game against the Golden Knights 2-1.

PICK:   Toronto Maple Leafs (-160)

Final Thoughts: Philly is not bad this year at all, I expect a hard fought game but going the Leafs way.

Carolina Hurricanes


Carolina Hurricanes


Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators Logo


Carolina Hurricanes Game Analysis Ottawa Senators
3.0 Projected Score 2.9
9-7 Record 5-10
9-7 Over Under Record 7-7
0.38 Goal Differential -0.6


The Carolina Hurricanes need to snap their 3 game losing streak. The Hurricanes in the last game wound up losing to the New York Rangers by a 4-2 score. The ongoing misfortune dropped the Hurricanes to a tie for third spot in the Metro with the Pittsburgh Penguins and moved the Hurricanes to a 9-6-1 record on the year.

Ottawa is a group that has truly been in their reconstruct procedure and it certainly shows that the Senators are remaking. Be that as it may, the Senators are in front of the Red Wings in the standings with a 5-9-1 record on the year. The Senators are coming into the game here with a success over the Los Angeles Kings in the last game by a 3-2 imprint.

PICK:  Ottawa Senators (+165)

Final Thoughts: I don’t trust the Hurricanes at this point. The line is favoring them too much. I think that the Senators actually win this game at home. If you’re worried about them pulling the upset, take them -1.5 goals (-160)

Los Angeles Kings logo


Los Angeles Kings


Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens Logo


Los Angeles Kings Game Analysis Montreal Canadiens
2.3 Projected Score 3.7
5-11 Record 8-8
9-6 Over Under Record 9-6
-1.38 Goal Differential -0.38


The Los Angeles Kings have had a lot of problems in winning this year and it shows with the fact that the Kings are sitting in last place with a 5-10-1 record. The Kings in their last game ended up losing to the hopeless Ottawa Senators on the day with a 3-2 loss

Montreal has really had a lot of games that could have went either way. However, the Canadiens have managed to post an 8-5-3 record on the year. The last game for the Canadiens was a loss to the Philadelphia Flyers by a score of 3-2 on the day.

PICKS:  Canadiens -1.5 (+130)

Final Thoughts: Los Angeles is bad, the Canadiens need a win after that close loss to the Flyers.

Chicago Blackhawks logo


Chicago Blackhawks


Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Penguins


Chicago Blackhawks Game Analysis Pittsburgh Penguins
2.5 Projected Score 3.4
5-10 Record 9-7
5-9 Over Under Record 7-8
-0.53 Goal Differential 0.81


The Blackhawks must be content with their ongoing success over the Canucks. The Blackhawks had the option to bring home the success over the Vancouver squad by a score of 5-2 and truly resembled the very much oiled machine the Blackhawks had been previously. The success really hauled the Blackhawks out of the storm cellar with a 5-7-3 record.

The Penguins are hoping to enhance their record and possibly keep the Capitals inside striking separation. The Penguins who have a 9-6-1 record and 19 aggregate on the year have tumbled to the point they are 8 behind the Capitals. The last game for the Penguins was a 4-3 win over the New York Islanders.

PICK:   Pittsburgh Penguins -1.5(+115)

Final Thoughts: Pittsburgh just beat the Islanders at home who were on a 10 game win streak. They are going to take care of the Blackhawks

Las Vegas golden knights


Vegas Golden Knights


Washington Capitals

Washington Capitals


Vegas Golden Knights Game Analysis Washinton Capitals
2.9 Projected Score 3.5
9-8 Record 12-5
9-8 Over Under Record 12-5
0.24 Goal Differential 0.94


Is the Golden Knights versus the Capitals a review of the NHL finals this year. A few people will in general think so and if Vegas recovers their structure the Golden Knights had recently it could be valid. The Golden Knights have posted a 9-5-3 record on the year and in their lat game which was against the Maple Leafs the Golden Knights wound up losing 2-1.

The Capitals are looking towards fleeing with the Metropolitan Division. The Capitals have posted a 12-2-3 record and lead the Metro by 4 throughout the runner up. The last game out for the Capitals was a 5-4 win over the Florida Panthers.

PICK:  Washington Capitals (-130)

Final Thoughts: The Capitals are going to score more than the Knights.

Minnesota Wild Logo


Vancouver Canucks


Chicago Black Hawks

Arizona Coyotes


Minnesota Wild Game Analysis Arizona Coyotes
2.4 Projected Score 2.6
5-11 Moneyline Record 9-7
9-5 Over Under Record 5-10
-0.94 Goal Differential 0.56


For the Minnesota Wild on the off chance that the offense would appear like the Minnesota group can, at that point the Wild would really win a few games. The issue is the Wild have truly not shown up disagreeably on the year and that is putting a lot of weight on the barrier of the Wild. That has prompted the misfortunes beginning to mount for the Wild and them vacillating a lot more than typical and prior too.

The Arizona Coyotes have discovered something new this year. That is an offense that has had the option to score on the year. That is a pleasant change for the Coyotes who have a better than average resistance, yet the offense has been deficient. Presently, heading into this game here the Coyotes are really ready to get some conventional successes on the year and have been viewed as a potential danger on the season.

PICK:  Arizona Coyotes (-145)

Final Thoughts: The Coyotes are coming off a loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets at home. They’re at home again and should be able to take care of business this time.

St Louis Blues


St. Louis Blues


Calgary Flames

Calgary Flames Logo


St. Louis Blues Game Analysis Calgary Flames
2.9 Projected Score 3.6
11-6 Moneyline Record 10-9
9-8 Over Under Record 8-10
0.29 Goal Differential 0.11


The St. Louis Blues hope to stretch out their series of wins to seven straight when they visit the Calgary Flames on Saturday. The Blues are 11-3-2 by and large after a 5-2 triumph over the Edmonton Oilers on Wednesday. Alex Pietrangelo scored one objective and helped on two others as the Blues crushed the Oilers to stay in the lead position in the Central division and move into first in the Western Conference.

Calgary searches for its third straight triumph on Saturday while facilitating the Blues. The Flames crushed the New Jersey Devils 5-2 Thursday night as Noah Hanifin scored one objective and gathered two helps and Calgary utilized a four-objective second time span to put the game distant. The Flames improved to 10-7-2 with 22 and are tied with Edmonton on the Pacific division.

PICK:  St. Louis Blues (+115)

Final Thoughts: I’m pretty torn between this game, both teams seem to be heating up. Calgary just beat up on the devils last night 5-2.  Blues had a night off and are traveling. I’m going to have to take the former champs, they are looking too good to bet on.

Nashville Predators


Nashville Predators


San Jose Sharks

San Jose Sharks Logo


Nashville Predators Game Analysis San Jose Sharks
3.2 Projected Score 3.3
9-7 Moneyline Record 6-11
11-5 Over Under Record 8-8
0.75 Goal Differential 1


On Saturday, the Nashville Predators hope to bob again from a misfortune when the visit the San Jose Sharks for their third straight game out and about. The Predators were vanquished by Colorado on Thursday 9-4 of every a game where the Predators surrendered six objectives in the subsequent period. The Predators entered the subsequent period trailing 2-1 and left trailing 8-3. Nashville is 9-5-2 on the season.

San Jose won its second in a row on Thursday with a 6-5 triumph over the Minnesota Wild. Logan Couture scored one objective and helped on three others, while Evander Kane scored one objective in driving the Sharks to the success. With the success, San Jose improved to 6-10-1 with 13 however is far down the standings in the Pacific in seventh spot.

 PICK:  San Jose Sharks +1.5 (-225)

Final Thoughts: Take San Jose +1.5, I actually think they are gonna win outright.

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