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Melo Signs with Portland

Melo to the Blazers

Carmelo Anthony has not played a basketball game since his short tenure about 10 games through last year’s regular season.

Most of the NBA analyst world had concluded that Melo had finally played his last game in the NBA,  and almost every single analyst doubted that Melo would get signed.  Most thought that Anthony was being “blackballed” by the league,  and that while he was still better than “60 percent of the field” of the players in the NBA,  no one wanted to give Melo a chance.

That was until the Portland Trailblazers finally decided to sign Anthony on a non-guaranteed deal yesterday.

The Trailblazers have been struggling heavily so far this season and a big part of their struggles have been on the offensive side of the court.  Not only did Portland lose a couple of key role players in the offseason,  but Zach Collins,  Pau Gasol,  and Jusuf Nurkic have all been missing due to injuries.  This lack of depth has led Portland to the worst field goal percentage in the league. The addition of Melo should definitely be able to help some of Portland’s offensive struggles,  but I wouldn’t expect Anthony to come in taking any more than 8-10 shots in a game,  and I think he will definitely be coming off the bench.

Let’s hope that Carmelo can make the most of this opportunity and finish his career on his terms this time.

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